Friday, August 13, 2010

Fantastic Friday in the Sun

Friday began with discussion about the Thursday night dive, which included seeing a tiny reddish-orange crab on a sea fan, and a slipper lobster.  We listened to Jen at a morning sea turtle lecture with current information about conservation techniques being utilized in Central America.  We found out that all sea turtles are either endangered or threatened, and were encouraged to educate our students about choices they could make that could have a positive impact on ocean life.  

The morning divers went to see the shipwreck Aguila, where a spiny oyster was observed.  Snorkelers saw fishes and creatures at the nearby reef crest.  After lunch, a trip into town was helpful for souvenir shopping, and an island tour included a stop at the iguana farm.  If you are ever in West End, be sure to stop at Earth Mamas for a fruit smoothie!

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